Check-Up Way

Turkey maintains its role as a bridge between the West and the East, not only in the field of economy, but also as a meeting point for people from various parts of the world, such as tourism.

This situation has a great potential for companies and brands that reach high standards in the globally developing travel and communication services branches and can touch every aspect of life.

In this context, besides its natural beauties, the topic of Health Tourism creates a serious future for Turkey.

As the "Check Up Way" company, which has been serving in health tourism since 2019, we continue our efforts to promote Turkey's well-deserved recognition and standards to the world.

Established in 2019 with the objectives of health tourism destination management, consultancy and training with our professional staff, it aims to add health tourism to our country's tourism destination range by creating package programs that are most compatible with classical agency activities, health - treatment - rehabilitation processes.

While walking towards our goals, we cooperate with strong and reliable health institutions that have made a reputation in the field of Turkey.

Our main goal is to remind the world of our country's natural health center feature, which has existed since ancient times but has been forgotten over time.